Brad Giroio


Brad Giorio grew up in Lincoln Park, Michigan. His love of engineering started at a young age. He was always taking things apart and putting them back together to figure out how they worked. When music entered his life in the form of a guitar he found room in his heart for a new love. He practiced day and night to sound the pros. 'Practicing my guitar kept me out of trouble.' Is a quote you often hear when Brad recalls his teen years.

He joined the band Lovehammer in 1992. Their hard work and collaboration led to the release of their first and only CD 'Ascension' in 1996. In 1999 under the name XKrew he and a friend released a self-titled electronic music album.

Brad received associate degrees in Fine and Performing Arts for Music and Science for Electrical Technology. His pursuit of education led to him earning a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Wayne State University.

Merging his two loves Brad created the ROBO Drummer for one of his class projects. The device uses a snare drum to produce a real drum sound without having an actual drummer. The concept occurred to Brad after their drummer quit the band. He didn't like the artificial sound of a drum machine or sampler. The device captured the attention of the Electrical Engineering Technology department and was recognized in Wayne State University's engineering magazine 'Exemplar'.

For the past 22 years Brad has worked as an Adobe Flash developer creating hundreds of training courses for Ford, GM, OnStar and Chrysler.

Forever the student Brad continues to learn about music from the engineer's perspective. He is currently using Ableton Live.

Brad still plays guitar and lives in the Metro Detroit area. He enjoys spending his free time with his wife, two daughters and his son.